Fall in Upstate New York.

  1. Having a prestigious degree or job has very little impact on confidence and self-worth. You would still be the same person inside. How you think of yourself matters the most, no degree or credential could change that. Proof: ever see someone that is so attractive but is constantly insecure?
  2. My…

The year was 2018. I met a guy on a dating app with a tragic past: her ex died from an accident. Her girlfriend’s birthday was the same as mine. He hadn’t got over her. My flair for the dramatic turned it into a “fictional” poem.

When she first started her degree in informatics engineering, Ester Melati did not know what to expect. She initially wanted to choose the art major, but eventually followed her parents’ advice to choose computer science. Like many other people, she considered informatics engineering a field for boys.

Ester Melati, Android Developer at Mekari

“I quickly realized…

It’s unexpected what you can learn from people once you start to hear their stories. This week, I spoke to Kelvin Denver, our Senior UI/UX Designer at Mekari to learn more about his career journey. We were involved in a major project early this year, but little did I know about his unique story until the interview took place.

Kelvin Denver, Senior UI/UX Designer at Mekari

On the third email exchange between me and Nicole, my therapist in Australia, she told me “It seems like you have a critical inner voice.”

People always say that software engineering is a career you can pursue without a college degree, especially with the abundant resources available on the internet. In reality, the majority of software engineers in Indonesian tech companies are indeed college-educated. This week, we talked to Arya, our Frontend Engineer who joined us 9 months ago fresh out of high school.

Arya, Frontend Engineer at Mekari

Raisa Nabila

on personal development, pop culture, and psychological typologies. raisanabila.contently.com

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